Mark Limbrick
'Land & Light'


Three sculptural forms about 2 metres high and with a spherical element .5 metre in diameter, constructed from copper, aluminium, gold, cast iron, fluffy pink fabric.

Each contains devices to perform a function;a video camera, a microphone, a transparent viewing screen. A fourth object is implied from a small exposed piece half-buried in the ground, deep underneath is a microphone.

Mounted in alignment with the earths' axis of rotation, with a resemblance to space satellites. The way each reacts to the landscape and the feel and quality of the surfaces is intended to create ambiguity, whether they have fallen from the sky or risen through the ground. There is a narrative, a group of personalities expressing different aspects of the human condition; creation, life for a fleeting moment from eons of mineral existence and death. Fallen angels from another world.


A giant fossil, or seashell, resonates with the unfamiliar sound of the earth; groans and rumblings from the microphone buried deep underground outside.

On the curved mouth of this low frequency sound generator the image from the outside camera is projected in gross technicolour, the perfect postcard view of the ideal but unreal landscape. Anyone peering into the camera lens is also projected into this colour distortion, but out of alignment.