Mark Limbrick

Travelling Camera Obscura

I have available for hire with assisted operation, a large temporary camera obscura suitable for schools, science or creative art activities, or just some fun at a celebration or reception.
A very bright, incredibly detailed image on the circular viewing table can be used to capture unique images of the outside world in miniature with just an ordinary mobile phone camera.

The turret is made to turn by selecting the icons which are projected on the viewing screen as an overlay menu, simply two arrows for rotation and a stop button icon, familiar from those found on an ipod music player.
The scene can be brought smoothly into exact focus with a feather-light touch on edge of the counter-balanced circular table.

It has been used with great success for public outreach events such as the children's activities area 'LaunchPad',for the Lord Mayors Celebration in Norwich.

It provides a total blackout space, which can be used as a planetarium with digital projector and laptop running 'Stellarium' software, 360 degree immersive video experience or for 'black light' glow-in-the-dark and UV Laser pen drawing, and 360 degree wall shadow experience.

It is suitable for collodion, early photographic processes and wet chemical, or conventional photographic paper exposure experiments, working as a huge camera and processing room combined.

I have a lot of experience with creative activities with children and young adults, and can either run workshops myself or work with you to develop activities and resources which use the obscura to it's best advantage.

I have current DBS Enhanced Certification and subscribe to the update service which is accessible by appropriate organisations.

Please use the contact page on this website for any enquiries and further details.