Mark Limbrick

The Boy With Green Eyes Can See Trees Singing

The repeating patterns of light and dark in the trackside furniture; railings, fences, sleepers and posts, make unique sounds using a tiny slit mounted next to the camera to sample the view rushing past.
Composer Erik Satie described himself as "Je suis phonom├Ętre avant d'├¬tre musicien" : not a musician, but one who measures sounds. This is a celebration of the rhythms in our ordinary lives.
A train journey can be a personal piece of theatre in which everyone takes part. Reflective, happy or sad. Leaving children, lovers, worries or childhood behind, we can glimpse other children playing and journeys being made. Our street could be there. We have been there on the platform; in the way this video has been made - shuttered into anonymity by the forms of others in the foreground.

The sounds are delicately interwoven with Saties' serene and unusual composition Gnossienne No 5.