Mark Limbrick


A project for children to explore their emotional responses to climate change.
'My world, my people, my future'
The concept to allow them to make a lot of noise in this context, is part of research undertaken with children living through other crisis, in refugee camps, war zones, mass shootings and abuse. Children need the opportunity to be fearless in play acting violent scenarios as part of a therapeutic pathway.
The many relief sculpted details are to begin a discussion about how children think and feel, the fear that many have from ideas they receive from information and images seen in the media. 'What is this supposed to be?' would be a good question they could ask. Is it a model, of the past, present or future? And where are all the people and trees and animals?
The surface of a disc is textured so that when a small beam of light passes across it, a sensor can turn the details into sounds. Sometimes horrible loud sounds. Sometimes wind storms or gentle sighing hymns. Together, children can create a composition, re-create the natural sounds of a lost world and articulate thoughts with their own individual voices.
The 'optical wand' is suspended on a tall pendulum, the sound fed to a sampler module for each child. They can replay and manipulate at will, using a thumb joystick. Learning to work as a group in creating a meaningful surreal soundscape. They will already be familiar with sampling and 'scratch' genres of contemporary pop music, such as Rap.